Opening days 2019

  •  Openning days: 31 July to 3 August
  • 8th Calafou Birthday: 3 August (party!)

THIS SUMMER WE UNDRESS. As every summer Calafou opens the doors of its house, we invite friends, curious people and everyone who wants to meet and share in our ecosystems of life, our dreams and projects that we build and weave in this space. We have a very good memory of all the people who have attended past openning days in Calafou and where we have cultivated many  friends who have helped us to make Calafou a reality. Thank you all!

This summer we want to continue creating, critically experienced through workshops and knowledge sharing spaces where your participation helps us to continue developing the project while we learn all together.

It is also a special occasion, as on Saturday August 3 we celebrate the 8th anniversary of Calafou, we will have music, games, and many more surprises, we hope you will come and build with us this utopian future that we project. VERY IMPORTANT, bring your radio, transistor to discover a caulker with all your senses!

From July 31 to August 3 we continue to create artifacts, sharing affects, care and parties ... We are waiting for you!



Open days are a time where we dedicate ourselves to exchanging knowledge, working together and sharing moments of leisure with those who come to meet us.

The open days usually combine thematic work sessions aimed at improving and generating new spaces and infrastructures in the community as well as holding workshops on varied knowledge. Being able to concentrate the visits during the days allows us to learn, to spend time together. Generate a critical mass of energy and extend the support and solidarity networks between people and communities seeking self-management and cooperativism. To share about the projects that are being cooked all over the world to continue generating infrastructures for the common ones. Objectives that would be much more difficult to achieve without your presence. We encourage you to come with the little ones and let us know, so that we can all self-manage spaces and activities for them in Calafou.


- Working days

- Workshops + practice

- Talks, project presentations + guided tours

- Cinefòrum

- some surprises more...


- In order to organize better, we ask you to fill in the following form with the information about your stay in Calafou

(form URL:


We have a camping area for tents and another for caravans and vans. If you have special needs you can communicate them to us to the registration form.

Survival Kit

- front light

- sturdy shoes

- Work gloves (you would do us a favor)

- A little coat for the night can make it cool.

- swimsuit (swimming pool paid to the village 1 km away and puddles of water in the surroundings)

- Mosquito repellent

More info here:

Food and maintenance

For this edition we propose to create a box to cover meals with two different prices. For people who feel that their economic situation is not precarious, 10

euros per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and maintenance fee) is requested. For people in a precarious situation, 6 euros per day (breakfast, lunch,

dinner and maintenance fee) is proposed. The proceeds will be used to buy food for the days and cover common expenses (water, gas, internet, etc.).


We ask you not to take your pet, the balance between species in the colony is very fragile and the introduction of new visitors (especially canines) can generate conflicts between animals and humans.

Thank you!