First, we thank you for wanting to come to know our project and share time with us.


Calafou as it is today is the result of ideas, passions, experiences and visions developed through a long time.  An artifact that brings the future, a machine that generates paths and collective identities. A complex organism and hybrid made of multiples subjectivities that cooperate for building a reality of life based on the codes we chose, that belong to us and that we share.  At last, a set of infrastructures that aims to remediate the lack of technological sovereignty we endure and which aims to make us dependant on the financial-industrial-cognitive empire. That is why we are strongly motivated to share the primary basis of our activities: the creation of collective knowledge.  At the same time, it is necessary to understand that it a very young project, and as they say, there is a lot more to do.


At this point we are just starting to know each other and organize ourselves to live closely together in this project.  We are building the Calafou we want to see, not without difficulties.  We are struggling with the bad state of repair we found this place in, and also the long exercise of producing cohesion and efficiency in a group to work for a common goal in the context of a complex project that is both ambitious and innovative.  We know that we are not going to build Calafou only by ourselves: we need the help of people who like to work together, collaborate, exchange, learn and practice.  We want to be able to host you in the best way so you can contribute to the project without management blunders.


Announce your visit


We set up a system of seasonal visits, organising open door journeys in three seasons of the year to offer a good experience for those who want to know us and still have time to organise ourselves better.  

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Please contact us by mail before coming at calafou(at)riseup(dot)net, and tell us something about you and the aim of your visit.  Please specify the dates you would like to visit.  Please wait for us to answer and tell you when can we receive guests.  Use this website to learn about what we do in Calafou, what are the principles and structures of organisation (and please bear with us if not all the information is full update).


Basic information


- If you come with children: there are still places that are not even secured yet and it can be dangerous for kids to walk alone.


- Some spaces can be dangerous for adults too! Mind your steps, and we ask you to wear a headlamp at night.


- You can have lunch or dinner with us in the communitarian kitchen with a minimum contribution of 2€ or ecos or rius per meal. (You may ask: What are ecos? What are rius? Read more on social money: Tell us if you need lunch when you arrive so that we can cook the right quantity of food.


- Animals (usually dogs or cats): we seriously ask you not to bring any.  We have already dogs and cats and we can’t host more of them, not even as guests.  It is already difficult to find a balance between them and the chicken and the wild life that surrounds us.  It will be a problem and will create lots of debate.  We hope you understand us and find solutions like other places for it to stay for the time you decide to spend in Calafou.  If you don’t find any other option and decide to take it with you, we need to take care of it full-time and keep it on a leash, even if the dogs of the community are loose.  We hope you understand and collaborate with us to avoid the repetition of uncomfortable situations we already had.


Keep in mind that…


- Calafou is an Eco-Industrial Post-Capitalist Colony, it is not a vacation destination, but a political project for social transformation, as well as the home of a community.


- We are looking for supportive people who can work with us and participate in everyday tasks.  You should have enough autonomy to perform the minimal tasks that  living in Calafou requires, without demanding too much energy or attention from people who live here.  We are happy to share this space with people who come to contribute their expertise and experience, but also show humilty and respect for the work already done.  We don’t believe in leaders or followers, but in an autonomous attitude respectful of collective dynamics.


- 15 days is the maximum time for short stays.  If you want to stay longer then you have to ask the assembly to discuss and decide on a longer stay (we are working on a better protocol for managing stays in the colony).


- We ask you to attend the general assembly and present yourself at the beginning of the meeting, stating the purpose of your visit.  You will be assigned a Fairy-Godmother: a local person that can explain you how everything works, what we expect of visitors and that you can rely on about any difficulties you may have.  You are welcome to stay at the rest of the assembly in active listening mode.


- Calafou is an eco-industrial project, not an agricultural, health project, nor an ecovillage or a refuge to develop spirituality or existentiality.  Is not an idyllic place by nature and environment, though we are all working for it to happen one day.


Many thanks!