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In July 2011, after a year of preparation, we were finally able to start developing Calafou, a cooperative project based on the recovery and transformation of a former industrial colony, located next to the Anoia river, into a place to live and a place to develop solutions for the common good.In the two years since then, Calafou has developed from an abandoned space into a place of life. It is composed of shelters to accommodate visitors, new homes, spaces and workshops for productive projects and numerous collective infrastructures.

We have also launched many different projects such as the workshop (equipped with machines for wood, metal, plastics and textiles); developed free technologies such as N-1, Ecoxarxes or the Phone Liberation Network (free and low cost telephony); made or recycled products such as soaps, jams, compost, and homemade bread; built spaces for collective training in self-sufficiency (eco-motors, efficient stoves); organized events such as the hackmeeting 2012, hack the earth and, soon, the 3rd anniversary of the Integral Catalan Cooperative; built networks with several groups (Arquitectos Sin Fronteras, ADF). All together, we have been generating a vibrant community, built around other ways of shaping wealth, that impacts directly on the environment and its dynamics of exchange and support. Along these strategic commitments, we want to continue providing spaces for a very low monthly income (one euro per square-meter) in order to cover the strategic needs of the persons who want to engage in self-employment projects so they can increase their sustainability.

All this has been possible thanks to the financial investment of a few in order to buy the former colony, and thanks to the voluntary work of many to begin its reconstruction. All of them have been committed to build an infrastructure that allows productive projects to begin addressing the financial obligations required for the collective acquisition of Calafou. These obligations represent more than 3,500 euros per month, to which must be added the investments in materials for rebuilding the spaces, community food and the utilities consumption of gas, water and electricity.

Calafou is not just the project of the people who live there, it is an integral part of the collective infrastructure of the network of people who want to invent ways of life and sustainable production to help us all escape the capitalist system. Therefore, we ask those who already know us, those who already had the opportunity to visit us or hope to do so soon, those who for various reasons can not come but feel akin, and those who won at a casino or robbed a bank and want to share their wealth, to help with the financial support of Calafou as a way of enabling it to grow and reach its maximum potential.

You can collaborate with us in various ways. You can make a one time donation or make a donation based on a monthly subscription. With your help we will be able to continue improving Calafou and we will report on this progress through this website.Thank you very much for your support!

Direct donations to the project:

  • Spanish state : Banco Caixa d'Enginyers ES52 3025 0002 4614 3340 7974