Kunlabora, ephimeral projects kooperative

Thu, 11/10/2018 - 10:00 to Tue, 16/10/2018 - 22:00

The inscriptions are closed, we start the encounter in a couple of days.....

One week building appropriate machines and technologies. We propose 4 different projects and depending on the registration of the participants we will carry out two or three projects in parallel during the week. We will work about 6 hours max each day and the rest of the time we will hang out, dream, conspire, sleep and dance among others.

We want to give a boost to projects with which we are working and that due to lack of time, resources and/or knowledge, we cannot develop everything we would like to. We want to open the code and the doors of calafou to work together on 4 proposals that we are excited about and that we consider necessary for the development of collective infrastructures for social movements and all communities that seek to build autonomy and develop appropriate technologies. Projekto Kunlabora works collaboratively from software, hardware and wetware, creating techniques, machines and devices.

We imagine a self-financed event, in which all the participants contribute with resources in order to gather and learn together how to develop these projects. When we say self-financed, we mean that all the productive and reproductive work is supported by the contributions and volunteer work of the people that coordinate and participate to this event. We do not count on any grant or financial aid to organize the event. This also means that if you register for the event, it will be important that you send us the money for your subscription before the event takes place so that we can buy everything we need (from the materials for the machines to the food). 

In addition to the registration fees, each project has some participation fees that you can see below.

Precious plastic

We are building the precious plastic machines for recycling plastic. There are four machines: the first breaks down plastic to little pieces and the others can make different shapes from it. We will try to make an hybrid of shredder and plastic extruder, using the same motor. We wish to leave it ready at the end of the event to be able to "do things" with recycled plastic. We estimate that we need 200 euro to finish the machine (we already have a lot of materials) so ask for 20 euros by person with a maximun of 10 participants.

Book scanner

We have a lovely book scanner from memory of the world . We contact the participants of the last Hack the Biblio event in Calafou and ask them if they are still interested in building a book scanner to share in communities. We can also go through a scanning and OCR development party for liberating some great orphan books and fanzines. Great for people that like to say indoor and pay significant attention to details :-).
We estimate that we need 500 euros to make the machine, so we ask for 50e by person for a maximum of 10 participants. This scanner is not for calafou, but it will be shared by other colletctives relevants to the digital public libraries concept on the iberian peninsula.

River contamination

We will investigate ways of collecting and analise environmental data to monitor the contamination in the Anoia river around Calafou. There is already a time lapse camera installed on the high bridge that takes periodic pictures of the river. We have ideas for solving the contamination of the river and we would like to know yours too.
We estimate that we need 150e for this project, so we ask for a 15 euro by person contribution with a maximum of 10 participants.

Wind turbine

Ever wanted to convert the wind's kinetic energy intoo electrical energy? If you are into this type of technology, we will build a vertical wind turbine based on the Ugrinsky turbine and its power generator. The rotor will be made out of recycled materials and simple fabricated elements.
We estimate that we need 180 euros to make the turbine so we ask for a 18 euros contribution with a maximum participants.


  • 2018-07-20 we open the call for participation and the registration form.
  • 2018-09-15 we close the registration.
  • 2018-09-22 we announce which two projects will go ahead for this event. (We ask you to send the participation fee through bank transfer at this time, so we can buy the raw materials.)
  • 2018-10-11 to 2018-10-16 Projekto Kunlabora


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