Hackeja la terra 2018 - Giving back hacking to the people

Fri, 30/03/2018 - 10:00 to Sun, 01/04/2018 - 21:00


Invitació Hackeja la Terra 2018 from Calafou on Vimeo.



Hello! We are very happy to inform you that the next 30th and 31st of March and the 1st of April we held our annual event about technology and feminisms in Calafou, Hackeja la Terra. This year we want to dedicate the event to local empowerment, disobedience and popular autonomy.

We want to explore the possibilities offered by free software and hardware technologies to the rebellion of the earth, of the streets. We want, in short, that the Hackeja la Terra be an occasion to meet us again, to continue weaving networks, to create passageways, open roads and break walls, while we build bridges between activist circles and between activists and society in general.

We invite you to think critically and practically the current political moment with workshops, talks and debates. We believe that all this can not be done if it is not from the local and popular level. Therefore, in this edition we bring the hack back to people, where it emerged from and where we believe it is now more necessary than ever.




Hack the Terra (Hack the Earth) 2018

30 and 31 March and 1 April in Calafou, Vallbona d'Anoia



If you already have clear that this year you do not miss it, please register in this form: https://calafou.org/ca/content/formulario-asistencia-hackeja-terra-2018


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How To Do Biodiesel

Practical workshop for the production of synthetic fuel from vegetable oil

Round table "Fight for energy and energy alternatives"
Viure de l'Aire del Cel, Som Energia, Plataforma No A La MAT

Round table with guests who have participated in struggles related to energies and groups that create energy alternatives

Taller de banys secs

We will discover the world of so-called dry toilets or composters, and what this technology can bring to dry human waste. We have the knowledge that in the treatment of human leak we put a little more efficiency (saving resources such as water, pipes and generating compost), rather than simply dissolving our debris and urination in water.


Workshop against the Wonderbra!
Grup de costura del Banc Expropiat

Open to everyone!

By making our own underwear we rebel against the standard bodies that the system proposes and imposes. If you have a broad back you have to have a lot of tit or vice versa, that if we have one bigger tit than the other always one side of the bra makes a bag.

Let's define how we want to give our bodies!

Fuck the Wonderbra!

Open source design and manufacture

Chaining recycling, design and manufacture processes of plastic and metal objects using waste material. Review of non-proprietary resources, techniques and tips for not dying in the attempt to achieve self-sufficiency in these areas.




Basic tips in response to repression
Alerta Solidària

What happens if they stop us, scour, detain... What to do and what not to do. Practical and context of the political repression to the Catalan Countries and how to respond it to go out strengthened. We will resolve doubts, will expose the most usual situations and will break the fears and the taboo on the false dichotomy between lawfulness and legitimacy.
Round table: Sovereignty can be inspired in the struggle of the Kurdish people

Throughout the centuries the Kurdish struggle has been known for several periods of insurrection. The last one started 40 years ago, and lately, a political theory has been developed and started to be implemented in much of Kurdistan, which can give way to the aspirations for survival and development of the Kurdish people, political approaches with the will to be extensible to the struggle of any oppressed culture. In the HTE we will organize a round table where we will be able to discuss the applications in the Catalan case and the possibilities that are suggested to us.

Video with the mobile as a tool during the repression


Rank and Power

We will investigate the ours ranks and the ours privileges through the group, with tools and concepts of the facilitation of groups.

Brad documentary: one more night at the barricades

The documentary collects previously unreleased images and reports about Brad Will and some anti-globalization movements, which camera, was murdered by the PRI when he recorded witnesses of the popular rebellion in Oaxaca in 2006.

Documentary: La revolta de l'u

Documentary of 32 minutes of lasted that speak about the popular mobilisation lived in different municipalities of Anoia (comarca) that made possible the defence of the electoral schools of the referendum and all the lived along that historical day.

Round table CDR

Roundn table with activists involved in this struggle


 Digital self-defense

Drones i la tecnologia que els va parir


We will make a compilation of good practical in order to be more protected


Fertilize the desire

The desire that moves us is sometimes trapped in an egocentric dimension: its strength has to find approval and reciprocity to be fulfilled. And there are several levels of reception of a proposal (from Olé to Oh no!) * We do not consider consensus as a form of inhibition, but as a way of thinking with the body, tuning the listening to the development of a negotiation that takes us to more exquisite forms of game. Why play is about. We will work with verbal and contact stimuli to feed the erotic energy, observing its circulation between the bodies and fostering a creative flow where the excitement is shared potential and advantageous for all.





River research workshop
Proyecto IMVEC

The workshop proposes to the participants different research methods of fluvial pollution phenomena with DIY tools. There will be an observation of the Anoia River on the surface, underwater recording of the channel and samples will be collected for further analysis, reviewing during the process the basic concepts of a correct chain of custody of the materials obtained.
Geographic information systems

Do you need to make maps? Map out the distribution of associative entities in Barcelona? Looking at the orientation and geometry of your project buildings to be able to plan? Geographic information systems give us tools to represent spatial information and to analyze it. The workshop includes basic information about Qgis free software, projection systems, accessible resources in Catalonia and the state, explanations about vector and raster representation systems, in which it is and how to georeferen data, that is to say, those represented with real coordinates (for example passing the autoCAD plane of a building to real coordinates).

Data visualisation with maps

From a geolocalized data of the Calafou space itself, we will see how to program an interactive map with leaflet.js


Workshop about servers and self-hosting using Yunohost

Approach to the distribution of linux that allows us to install a server without great complications and to host our own services and web applications.

Agiles methodologies for personal and collective self-management

A journey through the main agile methodologies and their possible adaptation to assembling environments.


Censorship and resistance. Decentralizing the Internet with IPFS

How can governments censor certain web pages, assuming that the Internet is a distributed system? Can we evade that censorship in any way?
Presentation of the book "Technological Sovereignty"

We deserve other technologies, something better than what we call "Information and Communication Technologies" today. This book deals with its psychological, social, political, ecological and economic costs while reporting experiences to create Technological Sovereignty.
Cyborg philosophy

"The workshop is based on the definition of Cyborg of the" Manifesto Cíborg "by Donna Haraway, to offer a series of imaginary trips to some of the worlds that are derived from it. Dual, feedback, beyond specificities, sexism, Knowledgeable of every form of domination and at the same time multiplely hacked, cigarette-minting machines, typewriters, pilots of a fly infiltrated between cyborgs. Built-in theories, incarnated, sentenced, condemned to reinvent themselves to survive. Sentenced, condemned to reinvent themselves to survive. Trapped by trying to find a dream that allows them to sleep, a connection that allows them to move, an impossibility that will allow them to wake up in a cyborg body again.

Decoding data and monitoring capitalism: distributed technologies, political networks and common data to democratize networked society (a bit)

The data are the new oil, one of the resources that move about informational, cognitive and contemporary capitalism. The DECODE project raises an alternative paradigm of digital economy. It aspires to develop distributed architecture technologies based on blockchain that allows us to control our data.

Drones i la tecnologia que els va parir

Introduction to droning world

Internet censorship during catalan referendum

Matthias Brugger

During the last referendum about the independence of the 1 of October, no only had repression to the street, but also censors in Internet. In this talk i will explain which methods used the state and the suppliers of Internet to censor the information on the referendum, and also which methods people used to avoid it.

Experience all this in the unique environment of Calafou, between the Anoia river and the C15 highway.
All human animals are invited, but like always we ask you not to come with dogs!
We encourage coming with children and self-organise spaces and activities for them with everybody in Calafou.

The price per day is 18 EUR including breakfast, lunch, dinner, maintenance and workshops. The price for the 3 days is 50 EUR. We accept 100% social currency.



If you think about coming, register here. Consider that we stock the community kitchen based on the number of registrations, so remember to cancel if you finally decide not to come.

For all other details, consult our frequently asked questions.

Are you fed up with the procession of Saints in Seville, the heat on the beach, having to work on the Week of Saints?  Come to Calafou!  We wait for you.