Announcing a new publication on technological sovereignty

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 14:30

We deserve to have other technologies, something better than what we nowadays call "Information and Communication Technologies". This book delves into the guiding principles of technological sovereignty and proposes new theoretical and practical descriptions of some initiatives developing free technologies. It deals with its psychological, social, political, ecological and economic costs while it relates experiences to create Technological Sovereignty. The authors bring us closer to other ways of desiring, designing, producing and maintaining technologies. Experiences and initiatives to develop freedom, autonomy and social justice while creating autonomous mobile telephony systems, simultaneous translation networks, leaks platforms, security tools, sovereign algorithms, ethical servers and appropriate technologies among others. The texts are by Alex Hache, Benjamin Cadon, COATI, Carolina, Claudio Agosti, Elleflâne, Framasoft + AMIPO, Ippolita, Kali Kaneko, Loreto Bravo, Maxigas and Margarita Padilla.
This second volume expands and completes the first book on the subject launched in 2014 that spoke about free software, hardware and Internet, autonomous servers, decentralized social networks, digital public libraries and cryptocurrencies, but also presented the places where these projects are launched, the hacklabs, fablabs and biolabs. This first volume has texts written by Richard Stallman, Patrice Riemens, Marcell Mars, Ippolita, Julie Gommes, Ursula Gastall, Benjamin Cadon, Thomas Fourmond, Paula Pin, Jorge Timon, Maxigas, Marta G Franco, Tatiana de la O, Hellekin et Spideralex.
These two books have been commissioned by Ritimo ( and their coordination and editing have been developed by Spideralex with the support of Calafou (
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Volume 1 is available online and can be also downloaded in pdf format in French and Spanish:
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All texts, images and translations of volumes 1 and 2 are in a gitbook repository that provides both books in Mobi and eBooks formats:
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Volume 1 is fully available in Spanish: and Italian: Translations to French, Catalan and English will be uploaded soon. 
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