Hack The Earth 2017!

Fri, 14/04/2017 - 10:45 to Sun, 16/04/2017 - 18:45

We will relay some lectures and workshops for streaming our radio Calaflow. You can listen to here: http://labomedia.org:8000/hacktheearth.ogg

We recorded the following workshops and conferences:

Friday April 14: Plants and natural cosmetics from 4 to 6 pm.

Saturday 15 April: Roundtable "Economic Sustainability Strategies: autoocupación, new economies" of 4 to 6 pm.

Sunday 16 April: Roundtable "Weaving Networks: Collaboration and cooperation" from 10 to 12 am.


Another year passed and it is again HACK THE EARTH, the fifth edition of the days of self-sufficiency in Calafou, which we celebrate from April 14 to 16, 2017.

This year we have three areas:
Hacking Area, where we mix free technologies with the arts and sciences.
New Structures Area, for sharing experiences of cooperativism, networked work, self-employment, etc.
Materials Area, where we experiment with the reappropriation of traditional materials and discover new ones that can help in self-organisation.
To contribute any workshop or activity, write to Calafou (at) riseup.net, so we can schedule it.  Alternatively, we will also have a space during the event for open and spontaneous proposals on sharing knowledge and techniques.
We publish the details of all confirmed workshops: 


Talk and round table: "New economies: Strategies of sustainability and self-employment"

Participating organisations include:  La cooperadora (Igualada), El rebos de L'Anoia, Cooperativa Estrella Negra, Som Energia, Cooperativa de Técniques
Talk and round table: "Knitting networks: Collaboration and cooperation"

Participants: Network of Craft Beer Producers, La Teranyina; Ecoxarxas de L'Anoia, Penedés & Mediona; Activists and defenders of human rights; pro-choice networks and cyberfeminists; the Conquest of Bread kitchen

Talk and round table: "Legal aspects of self-organisation"

Participants: Legal Department of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana; La cooperadora; Network of Craft Beer Producers

Erotic energy and care's policiy: An excentric proposal to build coexistence's spaces

Participants: Legal Department of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana; La cooperadora; Network of Craft Beer Producers




Introduction to 3D printing

Learn about various 3D printing techniques, the necessary software, downloading 3D models to print, basic maintenance and repair of 3D printers, best practices and troubleshooting tips.
Shepherd's sling 

Make and test this traditional hunting tool.

Plants and natural cosmetics

Identify and prepare useful plants for natural cosmetics.

Battery recycling

How to reuse depleted batteries for less demanding tasks.

Home-made camera stabiliser

Make a DIY steadycam from PVC.

Bamboo as building material

Introduction to the world of bamboo, its properties as building material and its processing techniques


Learn how to change, modify, liberate, hacker the code of pins in a type of lock. Open different locks with the same key. Modify locks to stop working with a specific key.
Foundry with renewable energy

Introduction to foundry and the mould creation proces. In this case using waste vegetable oil as a source of energy.




Between knowledge and destiny
The IMVEC project

Survival on a contaminated planet is a question that weights knowledge against destiny. The Institute for the Monitoring and Surveillance of Contaminated Spaces (Instituto de Monitorización y Vigilancia de Espacios Contaminados, IMVEC) presents its prototypes, working methods and philosophy. The IMVEC team works together with participants in the workshop and during the three days of Hack the Earth to develop a free an open source camera contraption for movement detection. The device will be installed permamently in Calafou in order to photographically monitor the Anoia river.
Haptic Waves: Surf waves but not those of the sea

Dual Haptic-Audio listening device. 


Arduino workshop about bat species detection and sound installation in the ultrasonic spectrum

Book scanning

Digitise books with an open source book scanner.

Between plants and volts

Brief theoretical introduction of the Moss-Voltaics project. Practical implementation of the first phase: making a low-voltage meter.

Sonification of the electromagnetic spectrum

Introduction to the world of electromagnetic waves: how to make a radio and play with them.

Hardware recycling and install party

The workshop pretends to be an introduction to the world of free software operating systems for the uninitiated. The workshop is divided into two parts. First, a very simple theoretical explanation of operating systems and free software. Second, the practical installation of a new free software operating system on a computer.
More responsible uses of the internet and mobile devices

More responsible uses of the internet and mobile devices.

Holistic security for collectives

Explore the connections between physical security, digital security and psycho-social well-being in order to reflect on how we can develop an individually and collectively sustainable activist practice.

Drones and the technology behind them

Introduction to the world of droning

Experience all this in the unique environment of Calafou, between the Anoia river and the C15 highway.
All human animals are invited, but like always we ask you not to come with dogs!
We encourage coming with children and self-organise spaces and activities for them with everybody in Calafou (introduction to programming with Scratch, make-up for spectactles, storytelling...).
The price for three days is 45 EUR. We accept 100% social currency.


If you think about coming, register here. Consider that we stock the community kitchen based on the number of registrations, so remember to cancel if you finally decide not to come.

For all other details, consult our frequently asked questions.

Are you fed up with the procession of Saints in Seville, the heat on the beach, having to work on the Week of Saints?  Come to Calafou!  We wait for you.