Open Doors Journey Autumn 2016

Sat, 29/10/2016 - 10:00 to Sat, 05/11/2016 - 21:15

Autumm is coming and we are celebrating Calafou´s “Open Door Days”!

Between the 29th of October and the 5th of November we invite you to come and visit us in order to know about our project and collaborate for few days in the rehabilitation, repairing and maintenance of the place, neccessary for the winter days.

Basic info and survival kit for Calafou:

  • Warm clothes
  • Sturdy, comfortable shoes
  • Pocket or head torch
  • Sleeping bag


We remind you that we ask for a contribution of 2€ for each lunch and 1€ daily for the maintenance of the project.



For organizing purposes, we ask you to fill outin the formulary you caon find at:ño-2016


Very important note:

Because there is a diverse fauna of beings living in Calafou, we ask you not to bring yours. Even if you think your pet is quiet and easy-going, we prefer to avoid any possibility of disruption of the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals in the community. Please, be kind and leave your pet with someone you trust outside Calafou. Thanks in advance for it.


There is more information about visiting Calafou on Vsitors section and how to arrive in the Where section.



Next you have the detailed program


Saturday 29/10

  • 16h Welcome and guided tour
  • 19h introduction to journeys meeting
  • 20:30h Dinner


Saturday 30/10

  • 09h Breakfast
  • 10 -14h: work journey (fitodepuration)
  • 14:30h welcome paella
  • 17h Assembly with guests
  • 21h Dinner
  • noche -Documentary (coconut revolution )


Monday 31/10

  • 9h Breakfast
  • 10-14h 2 work groups (firewood and firewood depot)
  • 14–16h Lunch
  • 16:30 - 18:30h Recycling and classification of wood
  • 21h Dinner


Tuesday 1/11

  • 9h Breakfast
  • 10-14h 2 work groups (firewood and firewood depot)
  • 14-16 Lunch
  • 16.30-18.30   Workshop: gas detection
  • 19.00-20.00h  Workshop: Welding for beginners
  • 21h Dinner


Wednesday 2: Only workshops

  • 10h - 13h beer workshop & bread workshop
  • 14-16h Lunch
  • Soap Workshop
  • Bookscanning workshop
  • window's glass cut wordshop
  • 21h Dinner


Thursday 3/11

  • 10-14h work journey (fitodepuration)
  • 10-14h work roof firewood depot
  • 11-14h work laboratorys water system canalization
  • 14-16h Lunch

If rains

  • 16:30  Filosofic talk
  • glass cutting for making glasses 
  • Workshop Gynepunk
  • 21h dinner

Open Bar and miniparty


Friday 4/11

work by morning and free afternoon + goodbye party

  • 10-14h various workshops / indoor works
  • 14-16h lunch
  • radio workshop or digital security workshop
  • electronics workshop
  • dinner preparation and party


Saturday 5:  cleaning and arrangement + goodbye

  • 12h cleaning and arrangement
  • 14h lunch
  • 16h clousure assembly and goodbye

We are waiting for you, join us!