[HacktheartH, 2013] DIY week at Calafou

Thu, 28/03/2013 - 10:00 to Mon, 01/04/2013 - 20:30

                                             CALL 4 NODES                                             
                      Hackthearth: DIY week at calafou
                         28 of March to 1st April 2013 

                 IMPORTANT INFORMATION                       

* What?: Hackthearth: DIY week at calafou
* Where and When: 28 of March to 1st April 2013 at Calafou(Vallbona d'Anoia -  Barcelona)
* Deadline workshops: 18 of March 2013


                 CALL // REGISTRATIONS                         
 Open call to give talks, workshops, round tables, performances related to: Biodigestors, fitodepuració, engines of hidrògen, tractors ultralleugers designed with software free, composting, permacultura, Arduino for the control of an orchard, autosuficiència to 12 volts, turbines of pics of energía, bicimàquines, preserves, biodiesel, biogas, rural communities, houses of straw, humus of worm, manufacture of beer, deshidratador solar, traps of grease, stoves rocket,...

Worshop Proposals Registration until 18 of March 2013
Eat and sleep costs are covered, and we'll try to cover movement costs (depends how many people apply and how far away you come)

 If you want to come, know the project and enyou of workshops and people, press here:
Registrations until 22 of March 2013

..:: knowledge | technology | empowerment | sharing | creating | resistance ::..


Some the subjects that want to develop and work.

We look for new points of view and discoveries that interest you to show, debates that want to coordinate, ideas and technical skills to share.

  • Biodigestors
  • Fitodepuració,
  • Engines of hidrògen
  • Tractors ultralleugers designed with software free
  • Composting
  • Permacultura
  • Arduino for the control of an orchard
  • DIY 12 volts
  • Turbines of pics of energía
  • Bicimchines
  • Biodiesel
  • Biogas
  • Rural communities
  • Houses of straw
  • Humus of worm
  • DIY beer
  • Solar dryer,
  • Traps of grease
  • Rocket stoves
  • ...

Some contextual issueas that you can have in mind at the time of the proposal: Hi toxic level of the Anoia river, Uralita and other toxic wastes in the land, open hardware, DIY energíes adn electronics.



  • Weekend Pack: 50€ All days food, sleep, workshops + 1 tshirt.
  • Day Pack: 10€ each day. include food and workshops.
  • Each food (dinner and super): 4€ each (not includes workshops)

  In case one or more workshops need extra or especial material we'll put the info on the website.

       ANIMALS (commonly dogs or cats)                   

We ask you NOT bring them.

We have in calafou cats and dogs, and don't want any more, neither of visit. Already it's difficult to find a balance between them and the chikens and the wild fauna that surround us. It would be a problem for us and will generate internal discussions. We appreciate that you understand and that fix you in leaving it in another place while you visit us.  We expect that you understand and you collaborate with us. Thanks.

Contact: activitats@calafou.org 
From  Colònia Ecoindustrial PostCapitalista Calafou, thanks, see you!!