Voja Antonic in Calafou

On April 18th, as part of the Hack the Biblio meeting on Calafou, the legendary inventor Voja Antonić gave a talk about the prehistory of hacker culture in the late 70's and early 80s on the old Yugoslavia.

Antonić told us how it was to be a hacker in a context in which still there was not even personal computers, and how this was spread, how the innovation was communicated before the massive access to Internet. He talked about how he designed the first DIY personal computer in Yugoslavia, the mythic Galaksija, and about the work ethics of an engineer that was a pioneer in many things in his field, but donated most of his work to the public domain.

Voja Antonić visit to Calafou is not casual: we also owe to hiim the development and construction of the book scanner we are using on the Hack the Biblio meeting.

You can listen to the talk in this link, recorded by Acoustic Mirror.