"the river that made a lap behind our house
was the image of a soft glass
a man came and said:
    that lap the river is making... 
    is called meander 
it wasn't the image of a glass snake making a lap behind the house any more
it was a meander
I think the name impoverish the image" 
Manoel de Barros
We are glad to announce the first audiovisual and photographic exhibition  'La Monstra de l'Anoia: Rural cinema exhibition'.The exhibition will take place in Calafou (Vallbona d'Anoia) on July 8-9. The goal of the event is to exchange productions witha rural theme.
We understand rural outside of a big city, the periphery, the margins of the metropolis, which isimportant and central at the this time fordeveloping new fields of non-capitalistic development.
The registration deadline is June 17. 24 June
  • No time limit for the presented works.
  • We consider the genre division unhelpful.Therefore, works of any kind of genre can be submitted (fiction, documentary, videoart, etc.).
  • Works can be submitted by email to with the subject "Monstra de l'Anoia:" and the title of the work. You can also send discs (dvd, blue-ray) to the following address: "Cami de Calafou s/n Vallbona d'Anoia 08785 - Barcelona". In this case write on the envelope "La Monstra de l'Anoia", as well as the  title of the work and the name of the author.
  • All recording formats welcome
  • Ensure that you attach the Fact Sheet to all submitted work. 
  • Works from single photographs to series of maximum 6 photographs are admitted.
  • Works can be uploaded to and the links sent to with subject "La Monstra de l'Anoia: Photography" and title of the image/series or author name. We shortlist images for the exhibition.
  • A fact sheet describing the image should be attached to the mail.
  • Shortlistedworks should be senton paper to "Camí de Calafou s/n  Vallbona d'Anoia 08785 - Barcelona", indicating "La Monstra de l'Anoia: Photography"on the envelope, the title of the piece and the author.
  • The size and support of the work is freely chosen by the participant. In case of a site specific installation, please include instructions in PDF format. 
All selected authors receive a commemorative statue. Baskets will be installed during the exhibition with the name of eachwork, where the public can deposit gifts & rewards meantforthe author.
Besides these prizes, there will be an audience vote. The most and least popular works of each category receive a gift basket of Calafou made products (happy chicken eggs, booze, soap and natural cosmetics, T-shirts, fanzine, craft-beer).