hack the earth

HackTheEarth is coming! Have not yet registered? What
you expect? We have more than 15 workshops, lectures and activities confirmed
We will share knowledge and grow networks around
Water and Earth topics. Do not hesitate and join us
before March 31! You must complete this form

check how the motors are constantly moving :

We have confirmed these new workshops:

- State of Anoia river
- Automation and water management: solenoid and irrigation
with arduino
- Woodshed construction
- Water and land in the first philosophers

We also remember those are already confirmed above:
* Water topic_ *
1. Solar water heater
2. Water heater combustion of vegetable oil
3. Grease trap
4. guerrilla Phytodepuration
5. Filtration of rainwater for potable
6. Open Droplet – Ultrasound Sensor to measure domestic consumption
water, open source and open hardware
7. Water Analysis Mobile Platform.
* Earth topic_ *
1. Dry toilet construction.
2. Vermicompostera construction
3. Use and maintenance of small agricultural machinery
4. permaculture design in community social city garden
5. Recognition of the environment
And we hope to confirm 10 workshops in the coming days! You
stay tunned! You can find more information about
the workshops on the website.

We remind prices and payment methods:
Early _Inscripción until March 29: _
- Full Pack: 75 €, 4 days - includes lodging, food,
degrowth workshops and a T-shirt.
- Price per day: 20 € - Includes accommodation, food and workshops


Your early registration will be confirmed once you have made the
payment by bank transfer to the account:
Triodos Bank 1491 0001 23 2027034822
We must identify with full name and concept "Hack The Earth 2015"
_Inscripción From March 29: _
- Full Pack 80 €, 4 days - includes accommodation, food and workshops
- Price per day: 25 € - Includes accommodation, food and workshops
In this case, payment is made in cash on the first day of
Attending the event
In both cases, we accept 20% in social currency.
* If a workshop need special equipment or king we will
inform you via web.
* For questions and / or to propose workshops, contact by:
* Activitats (a) calafou.org *


SIMBIOTICA| HackTheEarth 2016 :: Workshops confirmed

The 4th edition of HackTheEarth is coming!
From 22 to 24 april, SIMBIOTICA a call to learn and share about relationships of coexistence with our toxic environment, ecological resilience, the action of planning from the bodies the gelocalization movement, health of the community organs.
De Viernes, Abril 22, 2016 - 10:00 hasta Domingo, Abril 24, 2016 - 20:00

SIMBIOTICA| HackTheEarth 2016 :: talleres confirmados

Se acerca la 4ta edición de HackTheEarth!

Del 22 al 24 abril tendremos la cuarta edición del HackTheEarth. Este año traemos como tema SIMBIÓTICA un llamado a aprender y compartir saberes sobre las diversas relaciones de convivencia, resilencia de nuestro entorno, cuerpos y fluidos.

De Viernes, Abril 22, 2016 - 10:00 hasta Domingo, Abril 24, 2016 - 20:00

Hack the Earth 2015, first call!

Ya llega una nueva edición de Hack the Earth!

Calafou te invita a participar en este encuentro sobre la autogestión tecnológica y la experimentación ecoindustrial, basadas en el conocimiento libre y la soberanía DIY/DIWO.


Del 2 al 5 de abril, nos encontraremos para formarnos, investigar y trabajar colectivamente, con el objetivo de compartir conocimientos y crear soluciones concretas a necesidades reales.


De Jueves, Abril 2, 2015 - 10:00 hasta Domingo, Abril 5, 2015 - 12:00

Hack the Earth 2015, primer anunci!

Ja arriba una nova edició de Hack the Earth! Calafou et convida a participar en aquesta trobada sobre l'autogestió tecnològica i l'experimentació ecoindustrial, basades en el coneixement lliure i la sobirania DIY/DIWO.


Del 2 al 5 d'abril, ens trobarem per a formar-nos, investigar i treballar col·lectivament, amb l'objectiu de compartir coneixements i crear solucions concretes a necessitats reals.


De Jueves, Abril 2, 2015 - 09:00 hasta Domingo, Abril 5, 2015 - 12:00


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