PECHBLENDA: transhackfeminist LAB presentation@berlin

Pechblenda in berlin, presentation at c-base@german cyborg society


We're so happy to anounce the next workshop in Berlin, like allways this
It will be an hybrid space to share and colaborate in new proposals.
01- meeting with the German Cyborg Society.
02- presentation of our colaboration net; Transnoise, Quimera Rosa,
Akelarre cyborg, Mutanger and our transhackfeminist Lab Pechblenda based in Calafou.
03- workshop and performance

some of the artifacts that we can build at this sesion:
NanD Gate Smith Trigger // synthetizer !
electromagnetic amplifier
amplifier lm 386
copper coil to hear electromagnetic fields
simple theremin
hex inverter
effects …. . . ..
The presentation and workshop is for free, you only have to pay the
expenses of the materials if you want to build some.
We study the articulations between art & science and art & technology, and
their function in the production of subjectivities. Open code Is a
community creation and a response to proprietary corporations and patents.
We always appropriate technology under a critical view thinking on its
use, circulation and hyper consumption. We consider that the understanding
and use of low technologies is important in terms of knowledge and
constitutes us more autonomous in our every day activities.
inviting in a more active attitude towards the machines and open source